The Right Fit for Your Favorite Smile

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When you decide to bring your child to Bloom Pediatric Dentistry, you ensure that they’ll be looked after by an expert who has dedicated themselves to helping growing smiles shine. Dr. Nelson and Dr. JoJo pride themselves on offering conservative, fully personalized dental care that not only delivers beautiful results, but also takes the stress out of visiting the dentist. Thanks to them, your plate will be less full, and your little (or not so little) one will always be happy to show off their pearly whites. Read on to learn why you should choose us as your little one's pediatric dentist in Murphy.

How Is a Pediatric Dentist Different from a General Dentist?

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Pediatric dentistry is considered a specialty (like orthodontics or oral surgery). After earning an undergraduate degree and graduating from dental school with a doctorate degree, a pediatric dentist doesn’t start practicing like a general dentist. Rather, they complete an additional two to three years of specialized residency training, focused on taking care of patients aged 18 and under. On top of learning about children’s oral development and how to handle different ages, they also gain a lot of experience working with patients with special healthcare needs so they can tailor their approach based on each situation.

What Are the Benefits of Taking My Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

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First and foremost, you can know for sure that your dentist actually likes being around children and dealing with their unique brand of energy. They won’t get frustrated or lose patience because they know just how to calm down and redirect a child, thanks to their specialized training. This is especially helpful when it comes to nervous children!

Plus, they also have a more nuanced understanding of dental milestones, such as how a child’s mouth should look at each stage of development. Appointments will be fun and educational rather than anxiety-inducing, and they can answer any of your questions as well so you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to being a parent.

What Ages Do Pediatric Dentists Treat?

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Pediatric dentists are qualified to treat all children from age 0-18…yes, you can bring your infant, your teen, and every child in between to our practice. We’ll be able to help them feel right at home while keeping their smile healthy,  safe, and bright.

Dentistry for Infants

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A quick oral wellness check for your baby allows us to make sure their mouth is growing correctly right from the beginning, and we can also give you tips and things to look out for at home so their oral health starts and stays strong.

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Dentistry for Toddlers

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Once the teeth start coming in, things get interesting! We prefer to use a light touch and will mostly focus on protecting your child’s baby teeth, and this is also the time when we’ll work hard to form a relationship with them so they feel like our practice is a little slice of home.

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Dentistry for Children

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We’ll closely monitor your child’s remaining baby teeth and incoming adult teeth so we know that everything is going according to plan. We’ll start to teach them about oral hygiene at home, and we can quickly fix any cavities or dental injuries that pop up along the way.

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Dentistry for Teens

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Orthodontic issues often begin to become apparent at this age, so in addition to encouraging your child to keep brushing and flossing, we’ll also let you know the best time to start braces. Staying on top of this means that your child will require less treatment and will be able to finish the process sooner.

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Children with Special Needs

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As pediatric special needs dentists, Dr. Nelson and Dr. JoJo are capable of helping children with a wide variety of mental, physical, behavioral, and sensory special needs. They, along with our team, can make any accommodations necessary to create a calm and productive environment, and we can also work with parents to create a strong (and realistic) oral care regimen at home.

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