A Wonderful Beginning for Their Smile

Man holding his baby after seeing dentist for infants in Murphy

Yes, you should bring your child to Bloom Pediatric Dentistry even when they’re all gums! A quick and easy oral wellness check can tell us a lot about your baby’s development and give you a chance to ask an expert dentist for infants in Murphy all the questions you want about how to look after their growing smile at home.

Why Choose Bloom Pediatric Dentistry for Infant Dental Care?

  • Led by Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist
  • Relationship-Based Dental Care
  • Accepts Most PPO Dental Insurances

When Should My Baby First Go to the Dentist’s Office?

Woman laughing while holding her baby

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children should receive their first professional dental checkup as soon as their first tooth appears. This usually occurs within the first six months, or barring that, they should be seen by a pediatric dentist by the time their first birthday rolls around.

What Happens During My Baby’s First Dental Checkup?

Woman holding her baby up into a standing position on the floor

You’ll spend the entire appointment with your baby in your lap so you’re able to speak with their dentist and ask any question that pops into your head. The exam itself will just consist of the doctor taking a clean finger and rubbing it along their adorable gums. This can tell them a lot about the health of their soft oral tissues, how their jaw is developing, and they can even feel their incoming baby teeth. A proactive approach means that steps can be taken to prevent and/or resolve minor issues now rather than waiting for them to become a bigger problem later.

If you’re a new parent, your pediatric dentist can answer questions about what dental milestones you should expect, go over how to take care of your child’s mouth, give you diet pointers as they transition from liquid to solid foods, and overall, be the go-to expert when it comes to your favorite smile.