Take a Tour of Your Child’s Smile

Dental treatment room with Mario characters painted on the wall

Our advanced dental technology in Murphy not only enables us to gather a ton of information about your child’s teeth during their exams, but it also allows our team and you to see more. We’ll use advanced imaging to take you on a tour of your child’s mouth so we can show you exactly what’s going on and clearly explain why certain treatments might be needed. Even better, after we’ve performed a procedure, we can reveal how much better your child’s teeth look, giving you peace of mind about your investment in their dental care.

Intraoral Camera

Dental team member holding a thin white intraoral camera

This long, thin device is tipped with a powerful camera we can place next to little teeth and gums to create high-definition images. These will be expanded and shown on a nearby monitor, helping our team spot potential issues while giving you a whole new level of understanding about your child’s oral health. It takes a lot of the uncertainty out of dental checkups for children, which can really help those who are nervous.

Digital Panoramic Dental X-Rays

Panoramic x ray machine standing against white wall

Normal dental X-rays only give us a closer look at a few teeth, but a panoramic X-ray helps us see your child’s baby teeth, developing adult teeth, and jaw bones in totality. Evaluating your child’s bite and how their jaw is growing is just as important as preventing cavities, and this imaging makes it easy for us to monitor small changes over time to make sure your child’s mouth as a whole is moving in the right direction.

Digital Radiography

Child holding a tablet with dental x ray in front of their mouth

Digital radiography allows for minimal radiation exposure when taking necessary X-rays to evaluate areas that are not visible to the naked eye. Digital dental X-rays significantly lower radiation exposure by 80-90% when compared to traditional dental X-ray machines.

Electronic Records

Person using the track pad on a laptop

We are a fully digital practice and strictly follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rules to ensure that the security of your personal information is maintained to the highest standards. We offer online scheduling, appointment reminders/confirmations via text and email, digital new patient forms, and electronic medical records (EMR) to enhance convenience, privacy, and security.


Close up of lens on microscope

All dental work is performed with dental loupes under 3.5-6x magnification with focused illumination, allowing for increased attention to detail and higher quality work on even the tiniest teeth.

Electric Handpieces

Gloved hands holding an electric handpiece for dental treatment

Electric handpieces allow for a quieter, gentler, and more comfortable experience for your child during dental procedures.