Better Smiles for Better Learning

Brother and sister hugging after visiting childrens dentist in Murphy

While your child’s oral health will always be important, it will matter even more once they reach school age. At this point, they’ll start spending more time away from home, and we want them to have a confident smile that makes it easy for them to ask questions in class and make friends. Thanks to our consistent light touch and our variety of children's dentistry services in Murphy, we’ll make this transition as smooth as possible.

Why Choose Bloom Pediatric Dentistry for Children’s Dental Care?

  • Led by Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist
  • Not-Cookie Cutter—Fully Customized Dental Care
  • Conservative Dentistry That Focuses on Prevention

When Will My Child Start Losing Baby Teeth?

Child holding a baby tooth in their hand

The magic number is six—this is the age when you’ll start seeing (temporary) gaps in your child’s smile. Some children start a little sooner or later, and the teeth will typically fall out in the same order they came in. At the same time, their adult teeth will erupt slowly but surely, and this process mostly completes around age 13 (with the wisdom teeth appearing a little later).

Dental Services for School-Aged Children

Young girl grinning on outdoor playground

With school-aged children, our main focus is to make sure they are starting to consistently brush and floss on their own at home. This is the most effective way to keep them cavity-free. We’ll do our part by offering thorough dental checkups and topical fluoride treatments, and we can also place sealants over the back teeth to shield them from decay. Of course, no one is perfect, so we can also provide tooth-colored fillings and conservative restorative dentistry to fix any “sugar bugs” or chips/cracks that appear along the way.