Experience a Different Type of Children’s Dentistry

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We’re eager to show both you and your child that taking them to the pediatric dentist can actually be an experience you look forward to—we mean it! Of course, it all starts with scheduling an initial appointment here at Bloom Pediatric Dentistry in Murphy. To learn more about what to expect, and get answers to some basic questions, you’ll find everything you need and more on this page. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to share with our team!

Your Child’s
First Visit

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Before You Arrive

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You’ll receive new patient paperwork electronically once your child’s appointment is scheduled. We’ll verify your insurance benefits ahead of your visit and make sure you are informed of any copays over the phone.

Checking In

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You and your child will check in once you arrive and be brought to the back with minimal to no wait time. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you aren’t able to fill out our forms at home, so your child’s dedicated appointment time isn’t spent filling out paperwork (we understand that life is busy!); we have TVs and video games in the waiting room to keep your child entertained.

Getting to Know Your Child

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Our team will do a thorough review of your child's medical and dental history; then we’ll go over any specific concerns you would like us to be aware of. We’ll record your child’s height and weight and take necessary X-rays. You will be allowed to accompany your child every step of the way so they feel reassured and safe.

Your Cleaning, Your Way

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We strongly believe that it is important for our little patients to have some sense of control in our dental practice! Your child can pick their favorite show to watch on Netflix (there is a TV above every chair and corresponding headphones). We have a menu so the kids can choose the flavor of toothpaste and fluoride that they want us to use. Their teeth will be cleaned, and we’ll do a lot of tell-show-do so your child is able to touch and see all the instruments that we are using–that way, they will never be surprised in a negative way and always know what to expect. All explanations will be given in kid-friendly terms so they can understand and not be anxious.

Dentist Time!

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Then, you’ll meet your child’s dentist, and they’ll perform a detailed exam and apply fluoride varnish. If there is any additional treatment necessary, their dentist will review the X-rays and intraoral images with you to show where the cavities are. We strongly believe in personalized and customized care, and every family will have differing preferences on what they believe is the best approach for their child. As such, a number of treatment options will be proposed to resolve whatever the issue might be in the least invasive manner possible. We will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each treatment option. The goal is to allow you to leave our practice knowing and understanding exactly what needs to be done as well as the rationale behind our recommendations.

Checking Out

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Once your child’s dentist has answered all of your questions, you’ll be escorted to the front desk. Our patient care specialists will go over the treatment plan, your insurance benefits, and will schedule an appointment for treatment if necessary. Same-day care is available if time permits. All our patients will receive a token to place in our prize machines for a reward for doing a great job!

For kids who don't have cavities, we encourage you to take a picture of them standing in front of our No Cavity Club wall to commemorate this outstanding achievement! Six-month recall appointments are automatically scheduled.

Dental Patient Forms

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You don’t have to wrestle with a clipboard, a pen, and your insurance card while keeping an eye on your child in our reception area. Upon scheduling your child’s appointment, a secure link with our electronic patient forms will be automatically emailed and texted to you, allowing you to complete them in the comfort of your home.

Dental Insurance

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We are in-network with the majority of PPO plans, and when you call to schedule with us, we’ll perform a free benefits check so you’ll have a good estimate of how much (if anything) you’ll be expected to pay on the day of your visit. Want to know more about how we can use your plan? Just give us a call with your membership information nearby!

Bloom Kids Club

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No Insurance? No Problem! We offer a yearly membership for uninsured patients that covers two annual dental examinations, two dental cleanings, two fluoride varnish applications, all necessary X-rays, and a 15% discount off any recommended dental treatment. Join our Bloom Kids Club today to keep your beloved children’s teeth healthy!